Why consider couples counselling?

There are many reasons why a successful relationship may struggle. Some of the reasons I have worked with are:

  • Same sex relationships and family issues
  • Loss of a partner (grief) or untimely death leaving a partner with young children
  • Breakdown, Separation, Divorce and children
  • Issues with Intercultural relationships - basic differences in upbringing
  • Wanting to grow healthily in a relationship
  • Couples with Gender Identity issues
  • Violence/Anger 
  • Poor communication/lack of trust/Affairs
  • Pregnancy or birth of a child
  • Aftermath from an affair/commitment issues
  • Sexual issues
  • Receiving a medical diagnosis which impacts on the relationship including sex
  • Career/power struggles/ redundancy
  • Stress/Anxiety/jealousy
  • Watching or becoming addicted to porn

You may wish to focus on the list and identify for yourself what issue/s you may wish to discuss with your counsellor/therapist.

Does it work?

As a trained couples therapist, I work with couples who are in distress or looking for growth or development. I work in a systemic way where if there is a family involved their impact is also considered. Couples Counselling usually includes two people who wants to explore their relationship or are in a already challenged relationship. Counselling helps both clients to agree the future direction of their relationship by, deciding whether or not to continue the relationship. If they want to work on their relationship they can do so in counselling by exploring some of the challenges they are currently facing and attempting to address them. Sometimes, couples need support after discovering an affair. Couples remain in control of their relationship status at all times. I work with Individuals or Couples - Heterosexual, Asexual, Bisexual, Gay/Lesbian, Celibate, Cross Dressers/Transvestite, Gender variant, Transgender

If you would like to find out how we can help you and your relationship to get back on the right track, please get in touch and we can discuss the different options available.