Individual and couples therapy for:

  • Intercultural relationships
  • Marital/same sex relationship issues
  • Communication
  • Psychosexual issues resulting from Cancer, Neurological diagnosis, Urological problems
  • Sexuality/Gender issues/ Kink/BDSM
  • Issues at work - sexual harassment, Stress
  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Trauma, Sexual Violence (Sexual Assault and Rape), Domestic Violence - using EMDR Therapy
  • Therapist led sessions for parents and their children over 16years to discuss healthy sexual relationships
  • Sexual difficulties such as:
    • Desire
    • Arousal issues
      • Erectile Dysfunction
      • Vaginismus - when the vaginal muscles feel tight
    • Orgasm issues
    • Ejaculatory dysfunction - coming too soon or late
    • Anorgasmia - unable to come
    • Pain and discomfort during sex
    • Sexual phobias
  • Supervision for trainee and qualified therapists working in this field

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"Rima offered a safe space in which to explore key issues and self. Overall it was an entirely positive experience, I learnt useful skills, techniques and thought processes to apply to my day to day life, and moving on from the sessions, feel as though I know myself better.  As a result of this I now feel better equipped to deal with challenging situations should they arise."
'Without seeing Rima I honestly don't think I would ever of worked through the deep seated issues that have been holding me in stuck for so many years. It's been a sort of revelation for me to finally start feeling the real authentic me.'